Software Architecture - Need vs Want

Blog - Series1 [15-Jul to 12-Aug, 2021], Part of Tech Thursdays - “Poll and Blog” series on various topics related to “Software Architecture” by Hiral (Vyas) Dave


8/12/20213 min read

My journey with Software World is a memorable one. From 2001 till date, I got an opportunity to see it emerging out like a full-grown baby and blossoming in the mid of so-called forest of corporate world.

Every day we come across or hear about a new software technology, new trend, development methodology, management methodology, tools, apps etc.

They come, they stay and they end or vanish even before people take a notice of it.

One thing which has stood stable in constant changing software world till date is Software Architecture. This inspired me to explore on various topics related to it. I started a “Poll and Blog” series this year on 15-July-2021 for it.

Today with this post I would like to share my thoughts based on the LinkedIn Poll results I received in last 4 Thursdays. Below are the poll results:

Poll results have helped to analyze whether, Software Architecture is a
Need or a Want in Software World.

In general,

What is Need?
It is
Essentials that do not change over time.
All software projects/products have some
Needs to develop it and for its successful execution.

What is Want?
It is,
Desire that changes over time.
All software projects/products have some
Wants which may differ based on influencing factors like (People, Organization protocols, Legal conditions etc.)

It often happens you Need something but it takes a shape of Want due to its outreach.

Software Architecture is one such thing which has always faced such dilemma. Every software project/product, team/organization Needs it but having an illusion of it to be out of reach it turns out to be a Want.

There are some beliefs about “Software Architecture” and role of a “Software Architect”.  It can also be seen in the Poll results.
In the Poll conducted various people of Software Community voted.

Poll1 - 83% voted for “Software Architecture” as “Very Important”.
Poll2 - 22% said they play a role of “Software Architect” as an additional role.
Poll3 - 82% said it is “Important” to have a dedicated role of “Software Architect” for any team/organization.
Poll4 - 43% voted that training is required to be a “Software Architect” and their team member needs it.

Poll result gives a mix feeling and shows the intersection of Need and Want.

On a generalized note some common beliefs are,
Some say it is “Good to Have” a “Software Architecture” but it is expensive and exclusive. We can manage without it. If required our senior developers/technical managers can handle it. For them it is a

Some say it is “Must to Have” but where are good “Architects”. Are they well versed and well trained? If required we will train our senior developers/technical managers. For them it is intersection of Need and Want.

Some say we strongly believe in it and we do have a dedicated “Software Architect” and “Architecture” in place for our software/system. For them it is Need.

But prominently it also shows that people understand it’s importance, however circumstances have made them learn to adjust without it.

It is well said that,
Nothing can shake a person with a strong will-power and built.
Buildings constructed with a strong architecture are here to last for ages. Good examples are Heritage building created in medieval age.

So is it related with the software/system built on a well-formed “Software Architecture”. It gives a structure to the system. It is the fundamental organization of a system.

No matter how big or small is the size of organization. No matter how big or small is the software/system a strong base, a precisely created Software Architecture and a trained Software Architect is the need of the hour.

In this race of Need vs Want, Need takes a winning lead. Software Architecture for each software/system is a “Must Have” than “Good to Have” concept.

This was my first ever Blog post. I am glad I have decided to take this path. Thank you for your time to read it.
This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for upcoming interesting talks on various topics related to Software Architecture.

I will be happy to hear from you. Do write to me. Do connect.

Some Information:
There are well crafted courses available to learn and master the art of Software Architecture. They are created by the Software Architects for the Architects like iSAQB-CPSA certifications and related accredited trainings.